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"....I am firmly convinced that both the mother and the baby can greatly benefit from the use of Micasling. The position in which the baby is held in this baby carrier is ideal. It can be noted that respect to bouncer chairs and push chairs the baby is held in a more natural position.
Often lack of attention can result in accidents with upturned chairs or falls from push chairs. The use of this baby carrier will avoid the possibility of these accidents. The mother, both indoors and outdoors has the complete and constant control over the situation. She does not need to worry when leaving the house about weather conditions because the baby is well protected. Considering psychological aspects, constant contact between mother and baby during the first few months and the mother's feeling of tranquility derived from having her baby under constant control both while working at home or when going out is particularly important for a safe and healthy growth of a baby.
During the first months of life a baby is mostly dependent on his mother and holding him in a marsupial sling can only be seen positively. For all these reasons I can express a very positive opinion and I think paediatricians should certainly recommend the use of this baby sling."
Micasling - The baby carrier

PROF. PAOLO CAREDDU - Professor in Paediatrics - University of Milano