What is Micasling


MICASLING® Safe as your loving arms.

The first patented baby sling that follows the growth and development of your baby from newborn to 3 years of age. Approved by paediatricians around the world.

MICASLING® surrounds your baby in a natural way delicately holding him in different positions depending on the age and development right from the first day. (recommended by neonatal wards for premature babies and for babies with hip problems.)
What is Micasling - The baby carrier

MICASLING® is made with 100% strong and resistant cotton or linen (unless specified otherwise)- it can be easily washed at low temperatures - closed by two secure steel rings it is made with one single sheet of fabric neatly folded and padded to provide a safe and snug environment for the baby that is also comfortable for the adult.

MICASLING® distributes the baby's weight on the mother's back and hips allowing the adult to maintain a correct posture which is fundamental to prevent backache. With MICASLING® you have free movement of both your arms, you can enjoy breastfeeding wherever you are, you can go out in all weather conditions and of course you can make your baby fall asleep in seconds. It has been demonstrated to help enormously with colic during the first few months of life.